The Beginning of Brio Bowls by Keiko

We are Robb and Keiko Dye, the owners of Brio Bowls by Keiko. We have two kids, Brennen and Kobae. We have lived in Inkom for many years. We are a close knit, active family, who loves to mountain bike, ski and eat food!! We love creating smoothie bowl recipes and working hard to bring this great community healthy, beautiful and delicious food!!

Here is how Brio Bowls came to life.

In January of 2020 I (Keiko) traveled to Hawaii with my girlfriends and while I was there I shared with them my crazy idea of starting a food truck selling acai smoothie bowls. While in Hawaii we were in acai bowl heaven so I had to eat as many bowls as possible to help with the business plans. Shortly after I got home from Hawaii the Corona virus hit and interrupted everyone’s lives. The business idea seemed crazy but we decided to move forward with the idea anyway.

My husband and I worked hard creating the perfect little food trailer and we began selling acai bowls in the middle of August 2020. We ran our trailer for 3 months and then put her away for the winter. Then in November of 2020 my husband had the heaven sent idea to meet with the owners of The Cookie Place to see if they would let us sell acai bowls from their store. They graciously said yes and it’s been a match made in heaven ever since! We started selling from The Cookie Place in January 2021. We are separate businesses that support each other and have found the perfect balance!

It has been so much fun and very rewarding bringing such a unique and delicious treat to Pocatello! Brio Bowls are made of colorful thick fruit smoothies topped with granola, fresh fruit and stunning superfoods! There is a flavor for everyone! If you haven’t tried one yet, you’re missing out! Trust us, your body will thank you!